DNA Based TestingDNA_testingOn-Premise Solutions offers a wide range of fast, reliable DNA based testing to protect your future and your peace of mind.

  •   DNA/Paternity Testing
  •   Infidelity Testing
  •   DNA Storage
  •   Child Identity Testing

Collecting samples for DNA analysis is an easy and pain-free process that can be performed in the privacy of your own home, or at a sample collection site. If you are in need of a court admissible test, we want you to feel confident in the process:

  1. A sterile swab, similar to a Q-tip is rubbed on the inside of the cheek for 30 seconds
  2. The swab is placed into an envelope and sent back to the lab for analysis
  3. In most cases, results will be available within 48 hours after receipt of the sample by the laboratory

Establishing paternity is important for protecting the emotional and psychological well-being and legal rights of both the child and the parents.
Until there is a determination that a biological father is the legal father:

  • The child has no right to receive financial support, inheritance, insurance, veterans’ benefits, Social Security or other benefits through the father.
  • The biological father has no legal rights to the child.
  • Parents and physicians have no knowledge of whether genetic diseases have been inherited from the father.

Underwear, clothing and bed sheets can be rapidly and reliably screened for the presence of bodily fluids and skin cells utilizing a combination of three forensics techniques:

  • Ultraviolet illumination – stains from bodily fluids become naturally fluorescent under UV light. Once stains from these bodily fluids have been detected, additional testing can be performed to determine whether they contain identifiable DNA.
  • Prostate specific antigen (PSA) – this extremely sensitive testing technique allows for low level detection of seminal fluid in stains.
  • Microscopy – sperm can be accurately identified based on their morphological characteristics via this technique.

Once a suspect stain has been confined via the screening procedure, the DNA from the stain will be compared to DNA collected from you via a cheek swab. 
On-Premise Solutions can provide you with DNA kits that allow you to store your family’s genetic heritage and have that DNA analyzed to:

  • Confirm your family tree
  • Determine if two people are related
  • Explore your ethnic origin
  • Track genetic disease in the family

This unique kit allows you to store all of your child’s priceless identification information in one easily accessible place. No one wants to imagine the worst case scenario, but it is best to be prepared for it. This kit can play a vital role in verifying the identity of an abducted child. The DNA collection and storage materials in this kit include:

  • Fingerprint ink strip
  • Child identification card
  • Emergency phone numbers contact card
  • Dental chart
  • Identifying marks chart
  • Tips to help keep your child safe

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