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On Premise Solutions is dedicated to safety education.

We want your workplace to be safe for you and your employees. Our testing and training programs are only a part of our services. To us, customer service includes customer education. You should feel confident in your drug testing program and should ask questions if there is something you would like to learn more about.

If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please feel free to contact us.

What if my corporate office already has a contract with a laboratory?

Many multi-facilities have various collection sites sending their specimens to a single laboratory. At On Premise Solutions, LLC, we can “collect only” and send to your laboratory while still making available our on-site services and training programs.

Can On Premise Solutions, LLC oversee my company if I have locations throughout the United States?

Absolutely! With our national affiliates, you can be assured we contract with only those clinics that have the same philosophy as we do. Treat each donor with modesty, preserve the integrity of each specimen, and do so with the highest regard to customer service and response time.

What is Web Reporting?

Based upon volume and frequency, you can be set up to view your testing results right at your desktop. You will have your own security pass into our laboratory reporting. You can view Chain of Custody forms, as well as the results – often within 24 hours of the collection.

Why should I choose On Premise Solutions?

Time and money are most companies’ concern. We address both. With our ability to be on your premises, you avoid employees being away from your facility while on company time and the liabilities that are associated with it. You enhance the risk of adulteration and productivity falters. The average time away to an off-site clinic is 2.25 hours. We bring the necessary items on-site to conduct multiple collections, mobile drug testing, or training, therefore, having an employee away from their post for no longer than it takes for a coffee break. Other clinics may have to tend injuries and illnesses before addressing a drug test, all the while, subjecting your employees to any viruses and bacteria sitting across the waiting room. There is never a wait with On Premise Solutions, LLC.

Will this replace my occupational health nurse?

 Our program is not intended to jeopardize anyone’s employment. Depending on your company size and testing percentages, On Premise Solutions, LLC can bring value to this area by allowing the nurse to focus on other duties that are out of our area of expertise. We welcome the opportunity to work in conjunction or in a supporting role. In some cases, we can supply on-site testing devices at a fraction of the cost.

I own my own transportation company, for which, I am the only driver. Do I really need to drug test myself randomly?

 If you have a DOT number you must comply with DOT testing regulations. This means you have to have paperwork showing that your company was subject to pre-employment and random drug testing. For companies with less than 10 drivers, this can be a costly and cumbersome feat. However, our Consortium will put all of your DOT employees into a pool with other Consortium members. This decreases the amount of tests your company will likely have to pay for and also ensures your compliance with DOT/Federal law.

For more information about On Premise, drug testing, or DOT regulations, feel free to send us your questions by clicking here.

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On Premise Solutions provides clients with, not just a service, but an experience. Our highly trained collectors are certified based on current DOT standards and regulations, as well as, breath alcohol procedures. We are available 24/7 for any on-site drug screening needs.

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